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Sumber DayaPT Tata Guna Patria provides human resources that qualified to create a high quality creation according to the required quality. In 2023, PT Tata Guna Patria has experts from various courses of 202 people in projects and supported by 38 officials. We believe that the satisfaction of our client is also depends on who the person responsible on duty. So, we very concerned on assuring every person on duty is the best experts on field.

We also assuring that our people have a good soft skill and excellent communication skill on and off the field, Because we believe that our people is our icon of service to our client. With more than 34 years of experience, we know that we are more than capable of making our partners satisfied.

Our experts are alumnae of various reputable universities: Brawijaya University - Malang, Gajah Mada University - Yogyakarta, 10 November Institute of Technology Surabaya, Diponegoro University - Semarang, Institute of Technology Bandung, Institute of Agriculture Bogor, University of Indonesia - Jakarta, Trisakti University - Jakarta, etc. And consists of various courses: civil, transportation, irrigation, agronomy, social, economy, education, law, computer, planology, architecture, tourism, landscape, etc.


Financial resource is one of the most important components in completing work package that is related to the customer's satisfaction. This is means that the availability and sufficiency of financial resource always will be the main attention so that the completion of work package that is related with customer's satisfaction can be finished on time and with the agreed quality. In operation, we collaborate with: Bank Mandiri, BCA (Bank Central Asia), and BNI 46 (Bank Negara Indonesia).