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Our Work Area



Improving the company quality based on its competence so that its existence will remain in the competition of technical consultant service by putting forward family principle, produce creation based on ethnics and culture.


Life With Green Investment 


Become leading and trusted consultant in Indonesia


  1. As a construction and non-construction consultant that give the best and on time service
  2. Building customer loyalty with fast and efficient service
  3. Growth improvement and managing expenses as efficient as possible

Total Management Task

8 total management is always moving and not stopping in :

  1. Finding inovation and improving product quality
  2. Solving Problem
  3. Finding Opportunities
  4. Reduced Overhead
  5. Expanding Market
  6. Expanding HRD Network
  7. Reduces operational
  8. Increasing cooperation benefit and staff bonus

5 total management in creation must :

  1. Produces a creation that we can take responsible
  2. That has been carefully checked
  3. That is not whortless
  4. That opens up Oppurtunity for future development
  5. That continuosly inovetive

3 total management must always :

  1. Communicates vertically and horizontally
  2. Reminding about commitment according to the vision and mission
  3. Honest and professional in doing work based on the vision