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pictureWe invite you to join PT. Tata Guna Patria, as we offer a great working experience, competitive salary, and good working environment. We are putting forward professionalism in our work as well as we keep our family value in every work. We believe that every person is have their own talent, and every talent must given a way to develop. We develop our people as we grow with them. PT. Tata Guna Patria has been a great way to work since 1989, and has earned the trust as the reliable consultant.

PT. Tata Guna Patria concerned to create a future leader which has the balance between the working commitments and the development of responsibility in life. We really understand and provide the working situation which will allow our people to develop as an individual and a team worker. We are accepting experts and fresh graduated student of various courses: civil, transportation, irrigation, agronomy, social, economy, education, law, computer, planology, architecture, tourism, landscape, etc.

If you are interested to join with us, please kindly send your CV and letter of motivation to come and grow with Tata Guna Patria.


31 Oktober 2019
Akuntansi dan Pajak - Kepala Bagian Akutansi dan Staf Pajak
Kami Perusahaan Konsultan Nasional yang sedang berkembang pesat membutuhkan segara tenaga : 1. Kepala Bagian Akuntansi - Pendidikan Sarjana S1, Jurusan Akuntansi - Menguasai Akutansi dan Pajak - Mengerti Program ZAHIR - Telah berpengalaman 2. Staf Pajak ...

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